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NEW LOOK – Change of Heart

So, I have a New Look… OK, I’m talking blog here! 🙂 Truthfully, I haven’t been on it for a while. I’ve been doing family stuff; and designing/creating greeting cards; and sewing (discovered that I particularly like making bunting – each piece is unique and quite satisfying). Basically life keeps me very busy, and today… Read More »

MOTHERHOOD? … A look at Mothering Sunday

Motherhood? In the lead up to ‘Mother’s Day’, relatives search, shops sell; women’s hearts are perhaps expectant and children can’t wait to give gifts. Meanwhile, some people recoil about the entire notion of ‘Mother’s Day’. Whilst traipsing through my Fb newsfeed, I saw that a friend had liked a blogger’s personal viewpoint on the implications… Read More »


An expression in the English language is, ‘food for thought‘. As I learn how to negotiate different aspects of bringing technical aspects into a blog post, I am able to provide the link from which I found the definition of this English expression, for you: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/food+for+thought …where it is classified as: ‘Noun 1. food for… Read More »