WOMEN’S SIZE – Does it matter?

By | November 24, 2015
Women's Size - Does it Matter?

Women’s Size – Does it Matter?

WOMEN’S SIZE – Does it matter?

I am going to touch on this topic from a different approach.

Some of the content of this post I drafted quite a while ago, but it is time to present my view.

Back in May 2012 I commented on a modelling agency’s blog which questioned:
“Does SLiNK’s ‘Plus-Size Models Only’ Rule Promote Obesity?”
SLiNK, at the time, was a bi-monthly plus-size fashion magazine; also referred to as a ‘fashion and lifestyle bible for women size 14+’.

Unfortunately, I have followed some links to ‘SLiNK’ and they have not all checked out…
…But this doesn’t mean that this topic isn’t a valid reason for discussion or thought!

Being a woman, I am aware of the pressure in today’s society to look good, etc, whether this be fashion or size related; but these are really very shallow aspects of women.

Women are much more than shape and looks!

This was my viewpoint in 2012 (and it hasn’t changed):
‘1st point: Not all women are size 0-10!
2nd point: Most women are never going to be a size 0-10.
3rd point: We are not all created in a ‘uniform’ size.
4th point: We are all different and individual.
5th point: Many women who are a size 12 are relatively thought of as ‘slim’, by size 14+ women.
6th point: Women who are size 14+ (‘curvier’ females) still want to look and feel good (and perhaps comfortable) so a magazine like ‘SLiNK’ can only be a good addition to what is available in publication; to those who care about their appearance.
7th point: You don’t have to be ‘bony’ or ‘stick thin’ to appear in the public eye.
8th point: Most men don’t like thin women; they prefer curvier ones.
9th point: Real women, are women who come in all shapes and sizes.
10th point: If SLiNK is helping show that there are ‘normal’ sized women out there, I am sure many women will appreciate the honesty of the photos of ‘curvy+ size women’; they won’t have to feel despondent any more! :-)’

So apart from how women look, whether in clothes or in ‘birthday suits’, my provoked question remains: ‘Women’s size – Does it matter?’
In this body conscious world – for health reasons – maybe it does…

…But in God’s view, does women’s size matter, NO – it doesn’t!
In the bible, women aren’t regarded as fat or thin, or even in between.

Imagine Jesus walking the streets with the viewpoint of today’s society?
He saw people’s true lives with all their moral weaknesses and strengths, and their true or potential purpose in God.
Women in the bible are noted by their strengths and weaknesses – notably character, lifestyle, how they conducted themselves.

We have to make many decisions in life; drawing nearer to God helps us make informed choices. In seeking God, we find fulfilment (1 Timothy 6:6)

Surely, women with Godly characters and caring hearts are true blessings to others and their families?
God looks at our hearts and not our bodily appearance.
It is too easy for anyone to judge people’s ‘image’, but we are not supposed to do that.
Society conditions our viewpoint.
It isn’t God’s viewpoint.
It shouldn’t be ours.

By allowing the love of God to shape women’s lives – our lives – we can perhaps look to the ideal Godly woman in Proverbs 31.

How much more there then, is there to life than size and appearance?
We should not judge, or be judged, on how we look.

Our hearts matter.
Healthy hearts are important.
Hearts that belong to God are important.
Hearts that don’t yet belong to God are perhaps even more important.

God seeks the lost and lonely.
Every heart matters…
Including women’s.
Including all people’s.
Including yours.

Perhaps I can leave these questions with you, to ponder:
Where is your heart… What state is it in… and, Who does it belong to?

Remember, size doesn’t matter… The love of God does.

Having looked at Proverbs 31 up on the internet, I came across a link which led to this blog by Melissa Ringstaff: http://avirtuouswoman.org/
Perhaps you might like to check it out.

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