Monthly Archives: January 2015

BLUE IN THE FACE? – Changing Places

Why am I feeling BLUE in the face? … …Because there are humans who are not being allowed any dignity, where it matters the most; at a very personal level. Naturally, as I get older, I meet more people, and my social circle widens. I learn about their situations. WELCOME TO A DIFFERENT WORLD: Recently… Read More »

HOW DO YOU USE YOUR TONGUE? – Like Sweet Honey or a Wilful Sword?

SO HOW DO USE YOUR TONGUE? Disgustingly – LIKE THE DEPTHS OF AN UN-FLUSHED BOWL… Or like a pure spring water fountain? Like sweet honey… OR A WILFUL SWORD THAT DESTROYS? A question for you: Is the tongue the most powerful muscular organ in the body, considering the destruction it can help cause or the… Read More »

LET IT GO!… Release that plug!

Feeling disillusioned? How many times have you thought of doing something, get knocked back by someone, or you are bereft of time? Whatever is holding you back, move it out of the way and allow space; otherwise you will be laden down in a stagnant frozen pool, of frustrated confusion. Let it go… Release that… Read More »